About Us

Hi y’all! My name is Casey Lipkowitz and I am the owner and lead stylist here at Mane Event. I attended cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell the school Davenport and graduated in October of 2013. With my almost 4 years of experience I’ve worked at a couple different salons, where I’ve worked with companies like Matrix, Kevin Murphy, L’oreal, and Aveda to name a few. I’ve had opportunities to take a bunch of amazing classes over the years since graduating to strengthen and better my techniques. One of the most important things in the hair industry is keep up with the latest trends; and that’s what I plan to do for all my guests! I have a wide variety of techniques from extensions, all the way to body waxing and makeup. So whether you’re looking for something new or classic, the Mane Event is ready to shine the spotlight on you!